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Elona Rohde, Mentor & Speaker
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"The short version: Elona is truly, magnificently awesome! 

The long version:  Elona has made incredible changes in her own life and is therefore an ideal mentor.  She understands the process of change from the inside out, the ebbs and flows that are part of the process, and can provide invaluable perspective from her own experience.  As my mentor, Elona has provided me with insights and ideas that I was too close to the circumstance to see.  She has helped me to give myself permission to stand up for myself, set clear boundaries, and do things to take care of myself mentally and emotionally instead of always prioritizing other people’s needs.   She is a great, empathetic listener who lovingly requires me to own my emotions and circumstances rather than dump them on her – another trait of a great mentor.  She has knowledgably provided me with tools and tactics step by step as I was ready for them.  Every time I see Elona, whether for a mentoring session, essential oil consultation, or as a friend, I leave feeling energized and better about life.  The opportunity to work with someone like Elona doesn’t come along every day – take it when you get the chance!"

Emily P
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