Ask The ADHD Kid & Love and Light Mentoring
Ask The ADHD Kid & Love and Light Mentoring

October 26-28 in the Salt Lake City Area

Feeling burnt out?  A little dull?  Want to play and learn, and feel refreshed?
I've created this retreat so that you can Re-light your life!  I want to spark your joy, your passion, and your creativity.  I want you to feel a sense of belonging, sisterhood, and make tons of new friends.
If that's what you want, then this retreat is for you!  Go to 
this link to sign up!

We will have:

  • Beautiful Cabin Lodging surrounded by nature
  • Games and FUN!
  • Classes with professional speakers that will help you transform
  • massages
  • Professional photos - of you dressed up as a queen with true queenly jewels!
  • Yummy meals
  • And More!! 

Check out the speakers below:


Elona Rohde is "The ADHD kid".  She is a speaker, mentor, author in the best-selling book "Beautiful in My Skin", and the owner of Love and Light Mentoring.  She knows what it's like to feel like you don't fit in, you're not enough, no one loves you.... so she helps people learn how to see their amazingness and connect to others.   She will help you see yourself as the divine woman that you are and help you to truly love and like yourself.

Tammy Ward is the President of Hope Haven Events. They host conferences, retreats, online group mentoring experiences and specialty events to help accomplish Tammy's passion of "empowering individuals, strengthening families and connecting communities." She teaches and uses energy healing.  She loves working on fun projects & helping others to feel better.

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