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dōTERRA essential oils
Team THF: 
Rick Plenert
Carol Tuttle
Energy Profiling
These have been a huge part of my journey to better health.  They are so powerful in relieving occasional discomforts, and have been instrumental in my past and continued weight releasing.  Check them out, and contact me for more info! I know you've all noticed my dramatic weight loss.  Yes, much of it had to do with my dōTERRA use.  I lost and kept 35+ pounds off myself, but I was stuck there.  I went to Rick and he quickly got me moving again.  He really did give me the missing pieces I needed.  I love my new fitter body! Many of you have asked my why I look SO different now.  Here is another BIG part of that:  Dressing your truth has made me feel more beautiful & confident.  I get SO many more compliments now! Youtube link

About Elona Rohde

I have been a mentor for almost as long as I can remember.  If someone needed help, and I knew something that I thought would work, I wanted to share it with them. 

  • I have retrained my mind to look for the positive things in life - and get them! 
  • I have released over 50 pounds and kept it off for over 2 years. 
  • I am married to an amazing guy for over 16 years now, and our relationship is more loving and passionate than ever. 
  • I have 4 kids - all boys.  Yup.  Sometimes there is so much testosterone in the house I wonder if I'll start growing a mustache!  I love my kids, and they have been very supportive of my passion to help people improve their lives.  My kids have even started mentoring their friends! 
  • I have been trained in reading body language, and been sworn to only use that power for good. 
  • I have had ADHD for all my life, and I love the life I have, and I am living the life I want!

I have many different modalities available to me to help including body language training, envisioning, declarations, vision boards, story-writing, energy healing, essential oils, and prayer, and more.   I love seeing how giving a person even just one new technique can make a massive change in their life.
I'm currently mentoring, parenting, and speaking.  I'm also writing a book & recording CDs about what it's like to have, parent, and love someone with ADHD.   I'm also reading far too many books at once. 
To see why it means so much to me to help people, watch the short video below.

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